Adult $259.00 *limited special

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and are inclusive of GST and levys
*includes Sydney transfers

*normally $279
*no further discounts apply


DEPARTS:   7:20am
RETURNS:   2pm
Sydney Skydive

Awesome, Unbeatable, Mad Minute of freefall

A Tandem Skydive is a great introduction to the sport of skydiving and the perfect gift for anyone. Minimum age for a Tandem Skydive in Australia is 14years and there is no maximum age, your never too old.

Want to get high? 14000 ft pure adrenaline guaranteed when you jump from Australia's largest, and Sydney's only fleet of jet engine skydiving aircraft.

Experience the true feeling of skydiving with one awesome, unbeatable, mad minute of freefall. Grab hold of your adrenal gland as you take the controls of your parachute and fly with your instructor back to the Sydney's only self contained skydiving centre.

Your friends and family are fully catered for whilst they join in the fun and days activities in our canteen, Ground Rush cafe with fresh ground coffee, souvineer shop, BBQ and safe viewing areas as they wait your re-entry and touchdown.

WOW! your first Tandem Skydive with Sydney Skydivers how easy is that.


Why Choose Sydney Skydivers ?

Size - It does matter! Welcome to Australia's largest and most experienced skydive company and Sydney's only self contained Skydiving centre.

There is no substitute for experience when it matters the most. At Sydney Skydivers your safety is always first. With 40 years of experience and over 1 million skydives, we are large enough to cater to the worlds more adventurous souls, yet provide you with a truly unique skydiving experience.

We operate Sydney's only self contained Skydiving Centre.

What does that mean ? It means it is the only purpose built, self contained skydiving centre with it's own runways, BBQ areas, Cafe, Canteen, Fleet of Aircraft at the Skydiving Centre and self contained facilities to make your day a comfortable one

Being self contained we are the only Skydive operation where you can actually watch your friends and family every step of the way through their entire Skydive. They will gear up right in front of you, board the aircraft right in front of you and land right in front of you. There is nowehere else in Sydney this is possible as there is no other self contained Skydiving Centre in Sydney.

We operate Australia's largest fleet of large turbine Skydiving Aircraft taking more people faster and higher meaning less waiting around.

As Sydney's only self contained Skydiving Centre we Skydive 7 days a week all year including public holidays so you are free to choose any day and you can be sure we will be operating.

Choose Sydney Skydivers because you want the best, we are Sydney's oldest Skydive Club and Australia'a largest Skydiving Company with over 1 million jumps and 40 years of experience.

This means our staff, our experience, our equipment and resources are second to none and provide you with the ultimate in service, reliability and satisfaction when you choose Sydney Skydivers to provide you with the experience of a lifetime, your first Tandem Skydive in Sydney .

We are the only Skydiving operator in Sydney to be allocated our own airspace by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

This means you have your own dedicated airspace and your own dedicated, private, self contained skydiving centre to take off from and to land.



  • Photos $99.00 pp

  • DVD (handy cam on instructor) $120.00 pp

  • DVD and Photos $139.00 pp

  • Outside jumper taking a video $175.00 pp